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Steel Drums, also known as Steel Pans, have a beautiful metallic sound that is bright and versatile. The music from this instrument uplifts anyone who hears it!

You may have seen videos of large Steel Bands where people are playing all kinds of steel drums together. The sound is breathtaking!

Steel drums originated in Trinidad and Tobago. They were developed by locals in the late 1800s, as steel instruments became popular during the annual Carnivale celebration on the island countries. By 1947, steel drums were being made of 55-gallon oil drums, which is still popular today.

Many steel bands today play covers of popular songs, which goes to show how versatile this instrument is.

They are traditionally mounted on stands and played with mallets to achieve the most resonant and lively sound.

The beautiful music of these instruments can be heard in lots of popular films and music to this day.

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